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Been traveling the world since I made my first solo trip at 12-years-old. My best friend and her family moved to Ft Lauderdale and I was determined to visit. After planning and getting all things organized, at dinner one night I told my parents; "This is what we're doing this summer for vacation." United Airlines had advertised 50% for students. I called got a quote and started saving the money from allowance, babysitting, ironing my brother's jeans and borrowed the last few dollars from my other brother. Bought my ticket, got permission from my friend's mom to visit. As a solo traveler for the first time I flew to Ft. Lauderdale was there three days then may parents drove down to visit for a few days and we drove home together. Since then I have travelled to China, Brazil, Honduras, more than 50 US cities and I am still going.

Discover the Thrill of an Outdoor Adventure Cruise

About Outdoor Adventure Cruises An outdoor adventure cruise can be a game-changer for your vacation plans.  This is not your typical leisurely voyage, but rather a thrilling journey that combines the luxury of cruising with outdoor adventure pursuits and exploration.  An outdoor adventure cruise, however, might seem intimidating to some. It’s uncharted territory for many travelers …

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