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Traveling is more than a hobby; it’s a calling, a passion that stirs the soul and ignites the spirit of adventure. My journey into the world of solo travel began at the tender age of 12. The destination? Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., where my best friend had moved. The spark? An ad by United Airlines advertising half-price fares for students.

Back then, I was determined and resourceful beyond my years. I worked as a babysitter, ironed my brother’s blue jeans, did the dishes for my brothers—anything to raise the money needed for the airfare. I even borrowed the last $50 from one of my brothers.


Then, at dinner one night, I told my parents about my plan. The shock in their eyes quickly turned into support, and soon, the ticket was booked. I flew to Ft Lauderdale and stayed with the Rutledge’s for five beautiful days. My parents would drive down to pick me up, and we’d spend a couple of days together before driving home.


The thrill of creating that whole journey, the excitement of taking charge of my destiny, set me on a lifetime of traveling solo. That sense of empowerment, adventure, and joy is what we strive to encapsulate here at Traveler Tribune.


Embrace the Solo Adventure


If my story resonates with you, you’re in the right place. At Traveler Tribune, we champion solo travelers, providing guidance, inspiration, and support for those who dare to travel independently. Whether you’re just starting or have traveled solo for years, our resources will enrich your journey.


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Women traveling solo or in groups are making waves across the globe. We proudly feature women’s travel adventures, connecting and empowering female travelers worldwide. Dive into our inspiring stories and practical guides.


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Remember the half-price student fare that set me on my journey? We believe in affordable travel for everyone. Explore our budget travel guides and discover how to experience the world without breaking the bank.


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Travel evolves, and so should we. Stay updated with the latest travel trends, from sustainable tourism to digital nomadism. Traveler Tribune has its finger on the pulse of the travel industry.


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Travel should be infused with joy and laughter. Enjoy our entertaining content, quirky destinations, and joyful experiences that will make you smile.


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Traveler Tribune is a community of adventurers, wanderers, and explorers. Share your stories, ask questions, connect with fellow travelers, and become part of a movement that celebrates the art of travel.


Whether you’re a solo traveler, a woman exploring the world, a budget-conscious adventurer, or someone who loves the fun and excitement of travel, Traveler Tribune is your home.


Together, let’s explore the world, embrace different cultures, and forge lifetime connections. Join us at Traveler Tribune, and let’s make your travel dreams a reality.


Embark on your journey. Explore the world. Embrace the adventure. Traveler Tribune is with you every step of the way.*



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